Accelerated Reader (AR)


Students can earn points by reading AR books and taking quizzes. At Level 1 they will receive an AR button with their first ribbon! Following that, they will receive a ribbon for each level they achieve, up to four ribbons. Students who reach Level 4 will receive a free t-shirt (that can be worn as a spirit shirt on Fridays), and can participate in the 4th Level school-wide AR party at the end of the year. They will also get to ‘spend’ their points at the AR store at the end of the year!

Ridglea Hills is Fired Up for Reading!




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What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?

AR is a computer program that helps manage and monitor children’s reading practice. Your child picks a book at their own level and reads it at their own pace, or if they are younger, has the book read to them. When finished, your child takes a short quiz on the computer. Passing the quiz is an indication that your child understood what was read.


How do I find AR Books?

AR books can be found in the Ridglea Hills library (they have a gold star on the spine of the book). Also, many of the books you have at home or find in public libraries are likely to be AR books. You can search online at to look up the title of the book to see if it has been assigned a quiz number.


How will my child take a quiz?

There are several different ways students can take AR quizzes at school.

            1. On the library computer

                        * Monday - Friday from 7:45-8:00 am

                        * With their teacher’s permission during the school day

                        * Tuesday after school from 3:00-3:45 or Thursday from 3:00-3:30

            2. In the computer lab

                        * Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00-3:30 pm

            3. Volunteer in your child’s classroom to give students AR quizzes during the day. (Must have approved background check).

            4. On a mobile device, though quizzing from home is not permitted. You must be connected to the FWISD Guest Wi-Fi. Quizzes are permitted                       Monday-Friday from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.

                        * AR app by Renaissance Learning (If you do not yet have the app, it is currently unavailable for download)

                        * Click “Connect to My Renaissance Place”

                        * Type in FWISD-24KF

                        * Click Join

                        * Click Done

                        * Enter your child’s username and password

                   You can quiz through a web browser on a tablet.

                  Go to:


How do I find my child’s username and password?

Username: Generally your child’s first initial and last name. If there are other children in FWISD that have the same first initial and last name, then there will also be a number in the username.

Password: Your child’s password is your child’s school ID number. It is assigned to your child by FWISD and will remain the same each year.

Your child’s teacher should have this information and Ms. Rick, the librarian, keeps an updated list of all student’s usernames and passwords in a binder in the library.

How to give your child an AR Quiz 

Using any of the methods described previously, log into your child’s account with their username and password. Once you are logged in, you will see a search window. You can search by book title, author or quiz number.

Once you find the correct book, click on Reading Practice, then click whether your child was read to, read it with someone, or read it by themselves. Be aware that the cover of the book may look different from the copy you are reading. Also, many non-fiction books have the same or similar titles, so you may want to search by author or quiz number if possible.

When you begin the quiz, you should read the question, and then read each of the possible answers. Please do not tell the student the answer or read the book while you are taking the quiz. The book should be closed during quizzing. The point of the program is to improve your child’s reading comprehension.

When the quiz is complete, it will tell you how many questions your child answered correctly, and how many points they earned. It will also ask if you want to see the incorrect questions and answers. It is always good to go over what your child missed and what the correct answer was. If your child does not pass the quiz, they will not earn points for that book.

When you click on Next, you will see your child’s Reading Page. This will tell you your child’s average percent correct of all quizzes taken throughout the year and their point total. If you click on View My Bookshelf, you will see all of the books your child has tested on. If your child has already taken a quiz, it cannot be retaken.


Rewards for Reaching AR Goals

AR reports are run each Friday to determine if a child has acquired enough points to reach the next level. If they have, the child’s name will be called the following Tuesday during announcements. If their name is called, they will go to the library to receive their AR button and/or ribbon. Once your child reaches the 4th level, they also receive a FREE t-shirt to wear on Fridays and will be able to join in the 4th level end of year party!


AR Store

At the end of the school year, we have an AR store. Students will be able to buy small items at the store with the points they acquired throughout the year. More points = more/larger prizes! Even if your child reaches level 4, they should still keep taking quizzes to accumulate more points!


Million Word Club

Ridglea Hills also recognizes those children who have read more than one million words in one school year! The AR system tracks the number of words in the books they read and pass quizzes on, and if the child reads one million or more words, they will receive another AR button with a ribbon for each million words they read. The student will also receive recognition on the wall outside the library for the Million Word Club!


Keep up with your Child’s Progress!

Using the AR system, you can sign in and see how many points your child has received, what quizzes they’ve taken, and you can get notifications/emails every time your child takes a quiz! This is a great way to track their progress, especially if you can’t make it up to the school to help them with quizzes. Sign up through the AR Home Connect website at Click on the Email Setup link at the top to enter your email information. You can also see your child’s bookshelf, and there is a direct link to the AR Bookfinder page.

We are excited this year to have a display outside of the library recognizing all of our AR participants. As they reach level one and then advance, they will have a dragon with their name on it move up the levels! Stop by and look for your child’s name!

We really love this program! If you have time during the day, please contact your child’s teacher to see if you can volunteer to give students AR quizzes. It is very difficult for the teachers to administer the quizzes to their entire classroom, and Kindergarten and 1st grade always need help! This is a wonderful way to help out!

We would be happy to help if you have any questions or need any additional information! Please feel free to contact me or Ms. Rick, the librarian.


Thank you!

Jenn Nevitt