August 27, 2017


RHE Run Club Meeting and Practice at 3:15 P.M. Tomorrow, Monday, Aug. 28 at the RHE Track

RHE Run Club will train students for several 5K (3.1 mile) races this year – all dates and races to be announced soon. RHE Run Club is meeting Mondays ONLY after school from 3:15 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the RHE track.

·      RHE students in grades 2nd through 5th are welcome. If you have a younger student interested in participating, please contact Jami Lampert or Brooke Mooty to discuss.

·      The cost will be approximately $15 per race. Each participating student must buy a RHE Run Club race shirt to wear at the races.

·      If you are not able to pay for at least one race and the RHE Run Club race shirt, you are encouraged to apply for a sponsorship from the RHPTA.

·      If your child wants to join this year, please plan to attend tomorrow’s meeting.

·      We will be communicating more detailed information soon.

·      Make sure to join the RHE Run Club group on Facebook to stay in the loop.

·      Contact: Jami Lampert at and Brooke Mooty at


RHPTA Information Packets Coming Home In Student Folders This Week

·      Our RHPTA information packets will be coming home in students’ folders this week. Keep an eye out for them!

·      Remember, our RHPTA website – – is filled with helpful information, including:

o   Calendar

o   Links to MySchoolAnywhere for the directory, store and volunteer information

o   Links to relevant FWISD pages

o   Previous Pony Posts for additional information

o   New Parent Information Guide that includes information about school hours, attendance, lunch, security, carpool, parking, etc.


Carpooling Reminders

We have nearly 100 more students at RHE than we did last year. We are working with our school leadership and our Neighborhood Police Officer on the best possible solutions for improving our carpool process. Below are a few reminders:

·      DO NOT PASS carpool on Angus. You are going into oncoming traffic.

·      Follow the flow of traffic.

·      PULL FORWARD in carpool even if it is past the awning or front doors.

·      Leave room at the edges of the intersections when parallel parking. Do not park at the very corner of the intersection.

·      DO NOT BLOCK or partially block driveways.

·      BE PATIENT.

·      Park close to the curb when parking.

·      Hug the curb, if you are in carpool line. That means get as close as you can safely get to the curb to allow oncoming or passing traffic (Cumberland only) to pass.

·      Walk in the grass when possible.

·      Cross at the crosswalks in groups. Crossing a few people at a time sometimes causes carpool to back up.

·      YIELD to pedestrians.

·      Progress slowly even once you’re out of the carpool lane.

·      DO NOT park in the carpool lane.


Thank you in advance for your patience and for exercising caution to keep our Mustangs safe!


School Closed Monday, Sept. 4, for Labor Day

School will be closed on Monday, Sept. 4, for the Labor Day holiday.


Reminder: Join Us for Our PTA General Meeting and Open House On Thursday, Sept. 7

Please join us on Thursday, Sept. 7, for our first PTA General Meeting at 5:15 p.m. and Open House from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Enlist in the RHE PTA This Year By This Wednesday, Aug. 30, and Be Entered into Raffle for a Target Gift Card!

·      Join parents, teachers and community members in improving educational and extracurricular opportunities for all of our Ridglea Hills Elementary students.

·      As a PTA member, you work on behalf of the children you represent by volunteering in the school, supporting the faculty and staff, and staying informed on issues regarding your children and their education.

·      The RHE PTA needs your help, and we hope you will consider Enlisting in RHE PTA this year!

·      We warmly welcome our students’ parents, grandparents, family and friends to join RHE PTA. Together, we can have one voice for every child.

·      Annual membership dues are $5 per member.

·      Join by this Wednesday, Aug. 30, and you will be entered into a raffle for a Target Gift Card! Don’t miss out!

·      Click here to buy your PTA membership.

·      If you are new to MySchoolAnywhere, our online directory, you will be prompted to the online store after submitting your contact information for the RHE PTA directory.

·      If you have any questions about joining our PTA, please contact Naomi Gelineau, Vice President of Membership, at or 817-879-0765.


Reminder: Background Check Required for All Volunteers

Don’t forget that all school volunteers must have a background check at the start of every school year. Get it taken care of now so you are ready to volunteer!

·      If you had a background check last year, the process is easier because you are already in the FWISD system.

·      Click the following link to get started: Volunteer


Join the RHE Directory!

We are using MySchoolAnywhere for our online directory and PTA needs.

·      New & Returning Families: Click here to enter or update your information.

·      Once we have confirmed your family’s information, you will receive an email with login instructions to access the directory. Families will be confirmed once we are able to verify enrollment through class rosters.


What’s so GREAT about the online directory?

·      You can search…student’s first name, grade, teacher and family last name!

·      You can create…class lists or a custom list of favorite families!

·      You can access…from any Internet connected device: your computer, tablet, mobile device, etc.!

·      It’s secure…staff, faculty and family at RHE have access!


What’s NEW and IMPROVED?

·      Store…sign up for a RHPTA membership today here!

·      Mustang Mall items are NOW available in the online store here! Please purchase items by this Wednesday, Aug. 30, to receive them at Open House on Sept. 7.

·      Volunteer Sign-Ups…sign up to volunteer and track your sign-ups here!

·      Go Mobile…install the MySchoolAnywhere App from iTunes or Google Play!


Contact: Beth Timmerman, Directory Chair, at


RHE Newcomer Welcome Event at 6:30 P.M. on Wednesday, Sept. 13

·      Calling all new RHE families – mark your calendars for our Newcomer Welcome Event at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 13, in the cafeteria at RHE.

·      During this event, you will get to hear all about the events and programs that RHE has to offer.

·      Plus, you will be able to ask any questions you may have and meet other new families joining our amazing school!