When does school start?
School starts Monday, Aug. 20, 2018. The first bell rings at 7:45 a.m. (with the tardy bell at 7:50 a.m.) and dismissal is at 3 p.m. Dismissal for Pre-K students is at 2:15 p.m.

How do I find out my teacher?
Meet the Teacher will be held on Friday, Aug. 17 from 3:30-5 p.m. Class lists will be posted at that time. You may bring your school supplies to leave for the first day of school.
What school supplies do I need for my child?

Ridglea Hills has created our own school supply lists instead of using the FWISD generated lists.  Please refer to these lists when purchasing school supplies.

What can I expect the first day of school?
Although it is certainly not required, you will probably see many parents bring their children to school and walk them into their classrooms. Parents may choose to stay a short while as their children get settled in the classroom, but parents are free to stay as long as they feel is necessary. On that day, students will simply walk through general rules and get to know their teacher and peers. Be sure to look in your child's folder for any handouts, forms, or announcements you need to be aware of. New parents are invited to attend a PTA Meet and Greet Coffee by the library after dropping of their children in the morning.

How do I navigate the carpool line?
Click here for a detailed description of student arrival and dismissal procedures regarding the carpool line. We ask that you please have patience the first week of school as new parents are learning to navigate the drop off and pick up system.
What should my child wear to school?
Please see the FWISD website for school uniform information. Spirit shirts (purchased from the Mustang Mall) or college shirts may be worn on Fridays with FWISD-approved uniform bottoms.

Do I need to check in with the office when I visit the school?
Yes. After being buzzed in by the office, proceed to the office for visitor or volunteer check-in. All volunteers must pass a background check in order to volunteer for school events. You will sign in and receive a name badge to wear while you are in the school. Please be sure to sign out when you leave.
What is Accelerated Reader and how does my child take his/her tests?
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program in which students read or listen to AR books and take computerized comprehension tests to earn points for correct answers. These points accumulate over the year. Students are rewarded by receiving a button and a ribbon for each level they reach. They can also buy prizes from the AR store at the end of the year with their points. The program Ridglea Hills uses encourages students to read books on a range appropriate for their independent reading level. The level is determined by a test that students take at the beginning and middle of the year. 

AR books in the library are noted with a star on the outside cover or binder. They will also have the AR Quiz number along with the reading level of the book inside the front cover. Students may take tests in their classrooms or in the library. 

Here are some helpful links:
Accelerated Reader FAQ - a detailed list of instructions on AR including how to log in and prizes.
Renaissance Home Portal - a site that allows you to see your child's points, scores, bookshelf, etc.
AR Book Finder - allows you to find out whether a book is in the AR program and/or look up quiz numbers for books that are not from the library 

Who comes to the PTA meetings and when and where are they?
PTA meetings are held once monthly, alternating between afternoon and evenings, in the school library. Please see the calendar for dates. These meetings typically last an hour and include reports from pertinent chairs. All PTA members may attend these meetings; however, only board members will be allowed to vote. The May meeting is held off campus to celebrate the end of the school year.

General PTA meetings are held five times each year prior to a grade level program or another school event. All members are encouraged to attend. Please see the calendar for dates.

What's for lunch?
Click here for the school menu.
How do I put money on an account for lunch for my child if I don't want them to carry cash?
Your child will be given an ID number that they will have throughout their school years. Once you get that number you can go to myschoolbucks, register your child, and put money on their card. At lunchtime, their teacher will hand them their ID card to buy items from the line, they give it to the lady at the end of the line, and their account is charged.  
Can I eat lunch with my child?
Absolutely! You may meet your child for lunch during his/her lunchtime except when noted below. If desired, you may bring in outside food for them. Seating is available at your child's lunch table or at the tables near the rear of the cafeteria. Exceptions: During STAAR testing or any other designated closed campus times, parents will not be allowed to eat with their children.