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Carpool Instructions

Safety is first for our students! Please see the map of the front of our school and a

guideline for how arrival and dismissal work best for our school. Please adhere to these

guidelines for the safety of the children.

The carpool line forms along Angus on the far right side of the road.

Please do not block the road so others may pass. Often, school personnel need through.

“Cutting” in line is not permitted. We will redirect these cars to re-enter the carpool line.

Please remain in your car while in the carpool lane.

Follow to the end of the loading zone toward Stonedale.

Please do not stop in the carpool loading zone until directed to do so, or for safety reasons.

Safety patrol students will assist your child while loading and unloading your vehicle.

We DO NOT load children in double-parked cars.

We DO NOT escort children across the street.

Please assist us with a safe and smooth arrival and dismissal. We appreciate your cooperation.