Sept. 29, 2016

Walkathon Update – Thursday, Sept. 29!

·      Thanks to all who came out to the Kona Ice Fundraiser yesterday benefitting this year’s Walkathon!

·      Walkathon Spirit Gear is selling fast! We will continue to be in the lobby each day during lunches. The teachers let their students “shop” after their lunch. Items range from 25¢ for tattoos to $3 for sunglasses. Parents are welcome to come purchase items, but kids really love bringing money for their items! 

·      The BIG jar needs your coins – pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters! We need you to fill the jar so we can duct tape Mrs. Cotton to the wall! If we fill it twice, we get to tape Mrs. Starr, too!

·      Walkathon T-shirts will be distributed on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  *Please Note: You need to hang on to this shirt all year! It can be worn as a Spirit Shirt any Friday, and most grades will wear these shirts on field trips throughout the year.

·      Reminder: Tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 30, is Superhero Day at RHE! Students are invited to wear their favorite super hero T-shirt. No full costumes. No masks, helmets, etc. Shorts/Pants/Skirts must be uniform approved, as always. I wonder what superhero Marty will be?!

·      We need helpers for the walk. We need parents and/or grandparents who do not want to walk the route and who would be willing to stand at the blocked intersections and help with traffic. Contact ASAP to volunteer.  

·      Prizes!      Our cool Walkathon bags will be seen soon! How do you get one? Any student who has turned in a total amount of $100 or more will receive one soon!

Walkathon Party! Any student who has turned in a total amount of $250 or more will receive an invitation to our Walkathon Party!

·      Winning Class! Who will it be? It’s too close to call right now! But the winning teacher will be announced on Thursday, Oct. 6, based on donations received by that date at 8:00 a.m. The winning teacher will ride in style, and the winning class will lead the Walkathon and carry the banner. They will also be treated to a pizza lunch by Marty the Mustang and his friends. FUN!

·      If we hit our goal of $45,000, then the ENTIRE SCHOOL gets three days out of uniform!