RHE Pre-Kindergarten

RHE Pre-Kindergarten Registration Information


Pre-K Information Night Scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 23

We will be hosting a Pre-K information night at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 23.

·      There will be information detailing registration process, eligibility and priority of students.

·      District representatives specifically for Pre-K will be presenting and will be available for questions.


Pre-K Registration Online Starting in March

·      The exact date for registration has not yet been determined by FWISD, but will be released prior to or on our information night.

·      There will not be an open call registration at the school as in previous years.  Registration will be online this year. This will make it easier for parents to register. Online registration will determine your position for available spaces.

·      RHE will accommodate 110 Pre-K students next year with the additional classrooms being built. Since the additional classrooms and available spaces are new, teachers will be hired based on the Pre-K pre-enrollment numbers in April.


Eligibility for Pre-K in FWISD

To be eligible for FWISD Pre-K, students must be:

1.    Age four years old by Sept. 1, 2017, but not be five years old by Sept. 1, 2017.

2.    Reside within the FWISD boundaries.


Qualifying Students

·      Qualifying students are students who qualify for Pre-K based on language, speech or low socioeconomic status.

·      Qualifying students are given priority over universal Pre-K students. This is the order in which students are placed in available Pre-K spaces:

1.    Qualifying students residing in the RHE attendance zone

2.    Qualifying students residing within FWISD but outside of the RHE attendance zone

3.    Qualifying children of district employees

4.    Eligible children who live within the RHE attendance zone/eligible children of district employees

5.    Eligible children who live outside of the RHE attendance zone and would like to transfer

6.    Your position, determined by your online registration will fall into the categories of order above.

·      If you are number one in position but are not a qualifying student living in the RHE attendance zone, then you would be the first student to be given a space once all qualifying students are placed.

·      If you are number 46 in your online placement but are a qualifying student then all qualifying students who received a number higher than 46 would be placed first but not anyone in a category below your category, even if someone in a lower category has a number higher than 46.  


Additional Pre-K Information

·      Pre-K at RHE will be on the Traditional School Calendar with RHE.

·      Pre-K students are expected to follow the FWISD Attendance Policy.

·      The school day is from 8:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.  

·      Currently, the YMCA Aftercare Program at RHE does not accommodate Pre-K students, but the program is considering becoming certified for Pre-K students, if there is enough interest. 

·      There is no transportation provided by FWISD for Pre-K students.