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Accelerated Reader

posted Sep 21, 2014, 12:46 PM by Ridglea Hills PTA   [ updated Mar 21, 2015, 7:37 AM ]
What is Accelerated Reader (AR):

Accelerated Reader is software for primary and secondary schools used for monitoring the practice of reading.  It was created Renaissance Learning and the web- based version of AR is found at Renaissance Place online.

There are two steps to the AR process: (1) the child or an adult must read a fiction or non-fiction book to the child that is in the AR system; and (2) the child takes a quiz on a school computer.  If the child passes the quiz, the child gets credit for the number of questions he or she got correct.  After the quiz, the child can see what his or her overall point total is by viewing her progress.

AR books can be found in the Ridglea Hills library (they have a gold star on the spine of the book), teachers have AR books in their rooms and many of the books you have at home are likely AR books.  You can find out if a book at home is an AR book by going to  to look up the title of the book to see if it has been assigned a quiz number. 

How to Give Your Child an AR Quiz:

At school computers, there is usually a desktop shortcut to Renaissance Place that says Renaissance Place. It sometimes looks like a pyramid.  Click on the shortcut. 

You will see:

I’m a Child or

I’m a Teacher. 

Click on I’m a Child.

Then you will see:



Username: Generally, your child’s username is your child’s first initial and last name. If there are other childs in FWISD that have the same first initial and last name, then there will also be a number in the username.

If you need help looking up the username when you are at a school computer, click on the forgot username under the username and password login page.  Then enter Ridglea Hills Elementary.  Then enter your child’s first and last name and press search (not enter).  Then click on your child’s name from the list and the username should appear in the username box.  Then enter the password.  You can only get the password from your child’s teacher or Ms. Rick.

Password:  Your child’s password is your child’s school identification number.  The same number your child uses to buy lunch in the cafeteria.  It is assigned to your child by the FWISD and will remain the same each year. 

Your teacher should have this information and Ms. Rick, the librarian keeps an updated list of all children usernames and passwords in a binder in the library.

Example of how to logon:

Username: alampert

Password: 4446644

Once you are logged onto the AR system, you will see a search window.  You can search for the book you want to take a quiz on by entering the title, author or quiz number of the book.

Once you find the book, click on Reading Practice.  Upper grades may take vocabulary quizzes but only reading quizzes count toward AR levels.  Then click whether your child was read to, read it with someone or read it by himself.

The next screen should be the first question of the quiz.  By saying you can give your child a quiz, the idea is that you read the question to your child and the answers and your child chooses the answer.  Please do not tell your child the answer or read the book to your child while you are taking the quiz.  The point of the quiz is to help with your child’s reading comprehension.  Further, it is not fair to other children who take the quiz themselves.

If it’s a kindergarten level book, there are usually 5 questions.  When the child reads longer or more advanced books, the quizzes go up to 20 questions.  Lower level books (grades K-2nd) usually are worth .5 to 1 point and higher level books are worth higher point totals. 

When you finish the quiz, it will tell you how many questions your child answered correctly and how many points your child earned.  It will also ask if you want to see the incorrect questions and answers.  It is always good to go over what your child missed and what the correct answer was.

When you click on Next, you will see your child’s Reading Page.  This will tell you the your child’s average % correct of all quizzes taken this year, the point total, and the book level of the book you just tested.  The information for the last quiz your child took should be on the right side of the screen. If you click on View My Bookshelf, you will see all of the books your child has tested on for the school year. If your child has already taken a quiz, he or she cannot retake the quiz.  The AR program will inform you that the child has already taken the quiz.

When Can You Give a Child an AR Quiz:

Ms. Rick has hours posted outside the library doors when the library is open. You can give your child a quiz or if your child is able, he or she can take their own quiz.   Currently, the library has the following hours:

M-F 7:40-8:00am
 Tues.  3-3:45pm
Thurs. 3-3:30pm

Computer Lab Room 111: (4th & 5th Grade Hallway)
 Mon. 3-3:30pm
 Wed. 3-3:30pm

If you have time during the day to volunteer in your child’s classroom, you may also give children AR quizzes during class at the teacher’s computers.  It is a wonderful way to help out in the classroom because many children do not have adults who can give them AR quizzes before or after school.  You as a volunteer may be the only person who can help the child reach an AR goal.  This generally applies to Kinder-1st grade.

Teachers do not have time to give each child an AR quiz during the school day. This program works due to the efforts of parents and the drive of children to earn rewards for reading.

Rewards for Reaching AR Goals:

We have 4 levels for each grade starting with Kinder at Ridglea Hills.  Pre-K and Link is not on the AR system.  Last week a handout went home with levels for each grade.  The points for each level are different based on the abilities of each grade. 

1st level:  AR button with 1st ribbon
 2nd level: 2nd ribbon
3rd level:  3rd ribbon
4th level: 4th ribbon

AR reports are run on Thursday afternoon of every week to determine if a child has acquired enough points to reach the next level.  If she has, then on Monday the child’s name will be called during announcements to go to the library to receive the AR button and 1st ribbon or another ribbon.

Once your child reaches the 4th level, they also receive a free AR t-shirt to wear on Fridays.  They will also be able to participate in a 4th level school wide AR party at the end of the year.

AR Store:

At the end of the year, we will have an AR store.  Your child will be able to buy small trinkets at the store with the points they have acquired all year.  What they can buy depends on the number of points they accumulated during the year.  So, even if you reach 4th level, the child will still be able to accumulate additional points for the store by continuing to take quizzes and add to their point total.

Million Word Club:

Ridglea Hills also recognizes those children who read more than one million words in one school year.  The AR system tracks the number of words in the books the child takes quizzes over and if the child reads one million or more words, she will receive another AR button with a ribbon for each million words the child reads.  The child will also receive recognition on the wall outside the library for million word club.  If you want to see how many words your child has read, you can find the number of words on the AR progress page after you logon to AR.

At Home Access:  Renaissance Home Connect:

From your home computer, you can determine whether a book is an AR book and the quiz number for the book if you have internet access.  You can also see how many points or words your child has accumulated on the child’s Reading page.  You cannot take AR quizzes away from the RH school campus.

The home connect link is: Then enter your child’s username and password as stated above. The first thing you will see is your child’s Reading page.  If you look to the bottom right, you will see the link to Find AR books.  Click on the Open in New Window.  Then you can enter the book name and determine whether you have an AR book.

You can also quickly find out if a book at home is an AR book by going directly to  You do not have to log your child onto the system to search for the book with this link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Amber Smith.  You can also ask Ms. Rick, the librarian.

Jami Lampert                                      Amber Smith
 817-368-1983                                      817-269-7237