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Gift Cards, Buddies, & Storage Shed

posted Nov 16, 2011, 8:00 PM by Ridglea Hills PTA

Gift Card Orders!

Julie will be placing an order tomorrow, by noon. These will be back on FridayShe will be making one more order after the fall break, before winter break. Please consider ordering gift cards for holiday gifts! Denominations start as low as $10! I haven't met a teacher yet who doesn't love gift cards! Remember RHPTA gets a return percentage on all cards ordered! Contact Julie with any questions or to place an order


There are still a few people left without a secret pal! Please consider taking one if you don't have one, or pass the word along if you know of someone that would make a good secret buddy that isn't on the PTA board! On a personal note, I have already been outed to one of my buddies! If you would be willing to swap teachers with me, please let me know!

Storage Shed

If you are available and willing to help clean out the PTA storage sheds at the school, please let me know! Michelle Ivey and I will be spending Monday and/or Tuesday of next week doing so! Even if you only have a small amount of time it will be appreciated!!