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Hamburger Supper

posted Dec 13, 2013, 2:13 PM by Ridglea Hills PTA
The Annual Fundraiser “The Hot Dog Supper” has been renamed “The Hamburger Supper”
Friday, January 31, 2014 Ridglea Hills Elementary

The Hamburger supper is an annual event that is fun for the whole family and is a large fundraiser for the PTA.  $5 tickets will be sold in advance for “In and Out” Hamburgers, chips and a drink!  We will be selling tickets online, at the school during lunch that week and will send several announcements home. We will have 5th grade reps there selling bottled water and desserts and their profit will go toward their 5th grade trip.

Raffle Baskets. The raffle baskets are comprised of donated items from each class.  These baskets appeal to the children and some are full of family activities.  Each class will be paired with one or 2 other classes to fill the assigned baskets.  You will be in charge of sending a note home requesting the items that you will need to fill your basket.  Basket items are due Wednesday, January 22, 2014. Please keep in touch with your teacher and the other room reps to see your progress in the event you need to send a reminder home again. 
The items you get contributed for the baskets will be picked up by the committee on Jan. 22nd and we will make sure that all baskets are plentiful- we reserve the right to move donated items from one class basket to another to make sure they all look full and great!  The committee will package all the baskets in clear wrap so you won’t have to do that step after all.

Groups for Raffle Baskets:
1.      Kindergarten/Pre-K– Brown, Gillaspy and Brubaker/Ramirez: Sports and Outdoor Play
         Kindergarten/Linc –Sharp, Goodman and Anderson/Iglesias: Barbie Basket
3.      Kindergarten/PPCD- Colston and Will: Gift Card Basket
4.      1st grade – Moreno, Williams and Streiff: Family Picnic
5.      1st grade – Wayland, Maldonado and Tennant: Legos
6.      2nd grade – Allen, Gandarilla and Leschber: TCU Basket
7.      2nd grade – Cureton and Rosenthal: Movie Night
8.      3rd grade – Dutton, Hixon and Perez: Rainy Day Basket
9.      3rd grade – Maxon and Sanchez: Forth Worth Family Fun Basket
10.  4th grade – Hall and Bass: Legos
11.  4th grade – Miller, Powell and Wengert: Summer Fun Basket
12.  5th grade – Myers and Blakely: Gift Card Basket
13.  5th grade - Niehoff and Rossberg: Arts and Crafts Basket (think Rainbow Loom, etc.)
 We will sell raffle tickets for $.50 each online, in advance and that night.
 Party Sign-Ups
We will have party signups for all the children’s parties at the Hamburger Supper. Be sure to tell your class about all the parties. Parents and Teachers donate “parties”, for example: Skating with a teacher/movie night/pump it up party/tea party.  Parents sign up their kids for the parties. The parties can be gender or grade specific. Each party has a monetary amount that is paid for each kid to attend the party – a swim party might be $10 and the Skating party might be $15.  Typically, the parties have a limit so it is important to sign up early in the night to reserve your child’s spot at the party.  All payments go straight to the PTA since the families or teachers donate the parties.  Please consider hosting/donating a party – you can sponsor the party individually or as a group with other parents.
 All parent parties will be available at the Art Auction on April 4th, 2014.
We will be offering Karaoke at this year’s Hamburger Supper so get your voices warmed up!  Make sure to wear your picture perfect outfit because we will also be offering a photo booth!
This is a great evening for RHE students – be sure to buy your tickets in advance and talk the event up to your class.  This is a pretty busy night with lots going on and the kids love it!!!
Together For our Children,
Amy Shackelford - 3rd VP Spring Fundraiser                                                
Kinzie Heinrich And Missy Murray - Hamburger Supper Co-Chairs