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Details for the Cafeteria Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering.  We are sure you will enjoy getting to know the students, and the children really appreciate having you there to help them.  Here are just a few items to keep in mind.



TIME:     Please arrive between 10:30 and 10:40 on your scheduled day.  Your shift will end at noon. Sign in at the office, and then go to the cafeteria.  On the book shelf to the right of the door is a box of red aprons, scissors, and hand sanitizer.  Please take an apron and a pair of scissors and please wear your name badge. Don’t forget to sign out at the office when you leave at noon.


DUTIES:     Assist the children with opening drinks and plastic containers, cut open condiment packages and hand out napkins and silverware as children often forget these extra items. They should raise their hands to ask for help. The children will ask permission to go to the restroom or to the drinking fountain—it is fine to let them do so (make sure they know where the restroom is).


TIPS:     After a child has paid and left the line, he/she is not to go back for any additional “sides”.  They will have a chance at checkout when the cashier reminds them.


APRONS:     Aprons will be checked weekly and will be washed as needed.  However, if you notice a soiled apron, please contact Sarah Wallace via email, text, or phone call.


SUBSTITUTES:     If you are unable to work on the day you are assigned, it is up to you to find a substitute.  Please try to trade with someone else on the calendar.  If you cannot find anyone, please call Sarah Wallace.  She will be happy to find someone to replace you on the day so that we will not be shorthanded.

VOLUNTEER HOURS:     Please be sure to log your volunteer hours! (2hrs. for cafeteria duty)
The children, staff, and faculty really appreciate your help.
Lauren Runkel