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Ridglea Hills Fall Carnival Is Coming!

posted Oct 14, 2012, 6:39 PM by Ridglea Hills PTA
Ridglea Hills Fall Carnival Is Coming!
Are you ready to go outside and bask in a cool fall evening with your family?
Are you ready for your son to come home exhausted with green hair and confetti in his underwear?
Are you ready to hear your daughter's proud story of how she made it through the 3rd grade haunted house by closing her eyes and holding her friends' hands?
Are you ready for the retelling of the skill it took to win loads of useless toys?
Are you ready for your child to wake up Sat. morning with a giant smile on their face when they remember they won two full size cakes and a dozen cupcakes at the cake walk?

If you answered yes to at least one of these (I doubt anyone said yes to all of them), then you are ready for the Fall Carnival at Ridglea Hills.

When:  Friday, October 26th, 6-9pm
Where:  On the track behind the school.
Tickets:  .50 each; tickets go on sale online through the website starting Oct. 15th until 24th (there will be a will call table to pick up tickets at Carnival)
tickets will be on sale at lunch at the school on Oct. 19th, 25-26th and
tickets will be sold at Carnival (you will need to pay cash or credit card for food this year, so plan accordingly)
What to Expect:  LOTS OF SPOOKY, FALL FUN!!!!!!!
We will have the Carnival on the track again this year. We kept all the classics at Ridglea Hills like the 3rd grade haunted house,
bounce houses, silly string, confetti eggs, hair coloring, games, prizes, glow sticks, flashing teeth, candy, and a DJ playing the kids favorite songs. 
We will also have the photo booth back this year to take photos of families and friends.  New this year will be a clown to make balloons
for the kiddos and professional face painting.  We will also have Fred's hamburger truck, Gepetto's Pizza truck, and of course Curly's hot dogs and custard.
Please bring your child and invite your neighbors.  Games are 1 or 2 tickets.  Silly string, haunted house, and photo booth are 4 tickets.

Please contact Jami Lampert (817) 368-1983, or Michelle Ivey (682) 203-9388 with any questions.