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Student Attendance

posted Jan 25, 2014, 7:09 AM by Ridglea Hills PTA
Student Attendance

Attendance at Ridglea Hills Elementary is directly tied to the overall rating of our campus.  Our official attendance taking time each day is 10:00.  We would encourage you to schedule appointments after that time, so your student is present at 10:00.  If you do have an appointment before 10:00, please bring a note from the appointment so we can mark the attendance accordingly. 

So, in an effort to reach our goal of no more than 15 absences per day, we are beginning a new Perfect Attendance Award system starting Monday, December 2nd.  On Friday of each week we will have a drawing from classes with perfect attendance that week in PPCD through third grade.  We have a new “stuffed friend” on campus that will visit and stay for a week in the classroom that has been picked in that drawing.  Fourth and fifth grades will also have a drawing and that class will have a trophy they can proudly display in the classroom.  Also, every six weeks we will have a drawing to pick one student from each grade level with perfect attendance.  Those students will be able to pick a prize from our showcase of prizes.

Educating your children is what we do and we need them in attendance so they get all the valuable information they need to succeed.

Thank you for your help in making our school the best school possible.